About Us

Our Story

Natural Forces' success has been underpinned by a small, tightly knit, highly skilled, and dedicated team of renewable energy professionals. Our multidisciplinary team members have all the required skills to take projects from inception through construction and through their operating life. Over the last 20 years our people have delivered over 100 renewable energy projects of various technologies across multiple jurisdictions in North America and Europe, making us one of the most experienced renewable energy developers in Canada and Ireland. ​At Natural Forces we are very proud of our team’s track record, which is rooted in our values of honesty, commitment, flexibility, and compassion.

Who We Are

Natural Forces delivers renewable energy projects in partnership with local communities and as an independent power producer. We are passionate about renewable energy and are excited to be part of the energy future.

Our Experience

Natural Forces have an extensive track record in developing wind energy projects with over 150MW of operational wind turbines (approx. 65 turbines) and 250MW of assets in development across Canada and North America. Natural Forces have developed projects in Partnership with First Nations communities, Universities, and other community entities on all our projects. Our aim is to develop renewable energy projects in partnership with local communities in line with the recent Renewable Energy Support Scheme (RESS) developed by the Dept. of Communications Climate Action and the Environment (DCCAE). We aim to build long standing and strong partnerships with communities. We aim to partnership with communities that are built on respect & trust.


The first step in the process is deciding whether or not a site is commercially viable. This process usually takes between 2 – 6 months and involves identifying a site with a good average wind speed in close proximity to the electricity grid. Ensuring all planning guidelines have been assessed with regard to setbacks from houses and environmentally sensitive areas. Following desktop studies, Natural Forces will meet landowners and the community to discuss the possible development in an identified area. Should the outcome of this meeting with the landowners yield positive feedback Natural forces, will seek a Pre – Planning meeting with the local authority. If the proposed project is well received we will then look to enter into a land lease option for the site and access to the site. Progressing to a land lease option will allow Natural forces to pursue the project further and apply for planning permission for the development.

Our Clients

Our passion is to build relationships that allow us to harness Canada’s and Ireland's abundant natural resources in an environmentally responsible and cost-effective way. Partnering with local communities for these projects not only generates clean and renewable electricity but delivers local economic prosperity and raises awareness of the challenges of climate change.

In Ireland, Natural Forces Develops projects in line with the Renewable Electricity Support Scheme (RESS). There is strong emphasis on community participation under the RESS, and to promote the development of Community-Led Projects and Community Benefit Funds.